Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Canonization of Bubba

Many fallow years had stretched
Since Bubba last had flown.
So outside of his legends
Little else was known.

But one tale yet remains intact
Untainted by hear-say
That tells of how our hamster kin
Was sainted one fine day.

No cloud was overhead that day
To hint at what would pass.
No bluer could the sky have been,
No greener could be grass.

His rounds complete and Wyewood safe
Bubba's mind turned toward fun,
His impish grin betrayed thoughts
Of a Wyewood wayward son.

Southward flew our hamster
In good time without a stop
Until he perched outside of
Lord Sebastian 's weapon shop.

He wondered should he knock,
Or surprise him and sneak in.
Answered was his question before
He could think it once again.

A figure shot right past him
Slapping Bubba on the wing,
Laughing, "Tag you're it! That is,
If it you fair can bring!"

Bubba paused a moment,
But the blinking of an eye,
An eye that went a-twinkle
'Midst a hamster battle cry!

Gleefully sped Bubba
Into a grove of hazelnut
Where he caught Sebastian up
And he bit him on the ankle.

The squire yelped out loud
More from surprise than any pain,
Falling in a heap
So our dear hamster pounced again.

Thus twas the day well spent
Between these two companions boon
Racing, wrestling, laughing
Until late that afternoon.

And just when Lord Sebastian felt
They should be turning 'round
A scream erupted from nearby
Their hearts froze at the sound

Twas but a moment that they paused
Before they were off again
Rushing not away from harm
But toward the growing din

When the duo broke from the trees,
Onto a scene they burst
That caused Bubba to growl out loud.
Lord Sebastian cursed.

A lone maiden at center stood
Her hair cropped like a man
Her guards all lay dead on the ground
Before a roguish band

"What say we even odds my friend?"
Sebastian's sword was drawn
And waiting not for a reply
He met the horde head on

Much destruction smote his sword
And much by hamster claw.
Those who still stood upright
Could do nothing but withdraw.

When satisfied the rogues had fled
Sebastian turned to face
The maid who hadn't moved an inch
And stood stalwart in place.

A certain strength shown in her stance,
Regal, proud, and wise
And yet a vuln'rability
Flickered in her eyes

Bubba flew and broke the spell
Landing in her arms
The maiden looked down at him
And giggled at his charms.

She looked back at Sebastian
As if about to speak
The spell again was broken,
This time by a hamster squeak.

Of the roguish band the two
Had made quite quick work
But neither'd seen the archer
Who in the woods did lurk.

But Bubba's ear detected
the bowstring being drawn
Before Sebastian knew it,
The hamster was just gone.

Bubba sped into the trees
To try to head off fate
But when he heard the bowstring twang
He knew he was too late.

The arrow bore down on him
His destiny seemed sealed
But never one to give up hope
The hamster spun and reeled

Once again through luck and skill
Bubba dodged Death's cold sting
But Death took consolation
The shaft grazed Bubba's wing

Bubba fell then earthward
For the moment void of flight
The roars that issued from him
Made the archer jump with fright.

The archer ran off screaming
Fearing he had paid the toll
And Bubba was a demon coming
Now to eat his soul.

Had Bubba had his flight then
Just like lightning he would fly
And pluck the arrow from the air
So no one else need die.

Toward the maiden's bosom sped
The feathered cloth-yard dart.
Sebastian stepped between and caught
The arrow in his heart.

The maiden caught Sebastian
And fell with him to the ground
A moment later Bubba joined,
His flight again he'd found.

A silent grief washed through,
Was it a moment or a day?
Til maiden sobs and hamster wails
Could not be held at bay.

The maiden's voice broke through the tears,
"I have a tale for you.
And then dear beast," She looked up,
"A task I pray you'll do."

"My name is Joan, I'm known as John,
Because I'm Pope you see.
Some Bishops learned my secret
And are out to murder me."

"Because I am a woman
They sent that band of men
And I would now be dead
If not for you and your friend."

"And tis your friend, dear beast,
That now concerns me so!
Sometimes when Death comes swiftly
Souls don't know just where to go."

"That's where you come in --
You guard and guide now living souls.
The dead need guides and guardians
If you wish t'expand your roles."

"Even as the Pope I can do
Only so much good.
The rest is up to you, my friend,
Bubba of Wyewood!"

Surprise flickered 'cross Bubba's face.
How did she know his name?
"You could be no other.
Even Rome has known your fame."

"And like the heav'nly host we sometimes
Call the Seraphim
You will be an angel too
My dear Hamsteraphim."

"So will you do this thing I ask?
Please tell me yes, I pray.
If this errand you perform
I'll saint you on this day."

Bubba needn't even think
But nodded his consent.
He wanted just to help his friend
No matter what that meant.

Pope Joan touched him on the head.
The world began to spin.
And when it stopped no one was there
But he and Sebastian.

"Oh what happened Bubba?
Where has every one gone?
Thanks for sticking with me,
I guess I owe you one."

This wood is unfamiliar,
Do you know which way to go?
We'd best be heading homeward,
It's getting late you know."

Bubba flew up purring,
Took Sebastian by the hand.
Somehow he found he knew his way
Through this strange, foreign land.

And thus they passed quite safely
Through the otherworld until
Sebastian stopped and shivered.
Up his back there ran a chill.

"This place looks so familiar.
It's like home." He hesitates,
"I don't remember Wyewood
Having such big, pearly gates."

Sebastian safe, Bubba returns
To Wyewood and his kin
To guide and guard the living
Til the dead need him again.

So Bubba flies between the worlds,
Now this one, sometimes that,
Guiding souls beyond the veil
Like a little, angel bat.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Hamster Slept

Time had passed, the hamster slept
Within the Barony of Wye
All had heard of Bubba
But few had seen him fly

He'd become a symbol
An inanimate thing
Some laughed, some scoffed, some rolled their eyes
But I just want to sing

To breathe the bardic breath of life
And wake him from his den
To the loose the golden hamster
Over Wyewood once again

And so we join our champion
A furry ball of sleep
Where, even in his slumber
Does his vigilancy keep

His ears flick at each miniscule
Vibration of the ground
Even just the slightest ones
We could not hear as sound

So Hamster lore and legend fade
Til none recall the tales
Of dragons, gods, and romance
And of fox and bulls and snails

But one day, mark my words!
You will be looking to the sky
To see what cast that shadow strange
In the Barony of Wye

Sunday, December 5, 2010


The story long has been retold
Of Cuchulain, the bravely bold --
The greatest son of Eire's womb
Who single-handed spelled the doom
Of countless troops at Maeve's comand;
The queen who issued this command:

"Bring me back the Cooley Bull
And thus top off my coffers full
To equal his, my husband king.
The braggart is so tiring!"

And so to settle up the score
She sent her army off to war
And, though the strife Cuchulain won,
The bull was dead when it was done.

And that's where most bards silent fall,
Believing they have told it all.
But Wyewood, many secrets guards
For those who are alone her bards.

So listen here where I begin
With Maeve upon her throne again
When seven years had quickly passed
And Cuchulain had breathed his last.

She plots against her husband's wealth
And utilizing every stealth
To gain and keep the upper hand --
To be the richest in the land.

She called her druid to her side:
"I know that somewhere there must hide
A treasure safe from mortal eyes
Which could be my greatest prize
To put me up over the top --
The king's jealousy'd never stop!"

The nodding druid understood,
Withdrawing to a sacred wood
And sitting there beneath a tree
He shook a branch most rhythmically.

Upon the stick the silver bells
Rattled til his trance full swells,
Then where the druids chants had rung
The shrill cry of a hawk was sung.
He spread his wings for shaman's flight
to seek with otherworldly sight.

Long through other times he sought
But no avail his efforts brought,
Until toward home he turned to fly
and spotted something in the sky.

At first it seemed a bat in flight...
But wait! It was still broad daylight!
This was the prize that must be seized!
He knew his queen would well be pleased!

For Bubba 'twas a lovely morn.
He flew o'er fields (but not of corn,
For if they were, my name'd be mud,
For that would not be period!).

He squeaked a little hamster tune,
But it was cut short way too soon
When suddenly out of the sun
Razor talons flashed and spun.
Before he knew what struck him nigh,
Bubba was far from Wyewood's sky.

This scene did not go unobserved.
A nearby raven flew unnerved
To land upon a shoulder bare.
"I know my friend. Do not despair."
Her voice, the raven's temper soothed.
Her fingers, ruffled feathers smoothed.
"I knew their plans would come to pass,
But on my realm they now trespass,
For I count every mortals breath.
I guard the gates of life and death.
And none shall from his time be torn
To die before he has been born!"

She reassures the bird again,
And then with that, dark Morrigan
Fades away from sight once more
Just like the hamster had before.

With Bubba chained for Queen Maeve's glee
The Morrigan went to a sidhe,
And entered there the Earthen mound
Where faery folk had set the bound
Between this world and Tir Na Nog,
Where all divine dead heroes go.

She found him there, great Cuchulain
Who standing 'gainst one hundred men,
He played an ancient game of ball
And by himself he beat them all.

He snarled when he saw her there,
But she diffused his anger's flare:
"I know that once my love you spurned
And wonder why I have returned.
Let differences to rest be laid
For someone is in need of aid!
Maeve again is at her tricks
And if you were to join the mix
You'd save one from a horrid fate
And shame the queen at any rate!"

Cuchulain listened silently,
His manners softened visibly,
"Who is this one my help doth need
imprisoned by the wench's greed?"

She told him of a future land
Called Wyewood and their hamster grand
Who, great of heart and strong of wings,
Protected all from evil things.
He saw to set this rodent free
He'd help them exponentially --
All those people yet unborn
Saved to wake another morn
By this warrior hamster's grace --
Returned he must be to his place!

Then Morrigan had this to say:
"I can give you one more day
Of life on Eire's green expanse.
You are the hamster's only chance.
But once the sun has set, do know,
It's back for you to Tir Na Nog!"

The day dawned bright on Connaght's shores,
Maeve's kingdom where many sores
Were nursed with bruises black and blue --
The damage that can't help ensue
When ignorance incurs his wrath,
And Bubba's blood's a boiling bath!

The previous day had seen the fight
Which kept Maeve's men up through the night.
The din was heard in every town
With twenty men to hold him down
And then at least a dozen more
To tether Bubba to the floor.
Even then the leather straps
Just could not keep him under wraps.
He chewed them through like they were bread
And forced them to use chains instead.

Now they'd rest, or so they thought,
When from the border of Connaght
A sudden cry of challenge boomed,
A voice they had believed entombed!.

"You killed me once -- Come try again!
Send me out your best champion!
The Rodent's fate we shall decide!
From her shame, Maeve will not hide!"

Collective was the groan that shot
Around the kingdom of Connaght --
All the hamster-weary men
Had not the strength to fight again.

Generous were the rewards
That Maeve offered to all her hordes
But none were found amongst her host
Who wished to battle 'gainst a ghost.

Afraid to lose her precious prize,
Desperation filled Maeve's eyes
Until her druid voiced a plan
Restoring Maeve's stern will again.
With fire danced her eyes once more.
Not only would she not be poor
But with the hamster she'd add in
The youthful head of Cuchulain!

Waiting on the borderline
for some response, for any sign,
Impatiently Cuchulain stood.
He knew this pause could mean no good.

Still boasts and threats he hurled their way
Remembering he'd just one day
To now set right what Maeve set wrong,
Destroying, if he must, her throng
To reach and free the beast of gold --
Only he could be so bold!

The sun continued on its climb,
Hours still before its prime,
But precious every moment passed
For one who's first day was his last.

"Come out or I am coming in!
My patience wears dang'rously thin!"

A moment's silence heav'ly hung
When suddenly from nowhere sung
The harmony of mighty wings
In answer to his challengings.

"What is this? She let him go?
This is not the Maeve I know!"
But when he looked in Bubba's eyes
The moment's hope within him dies,
For well he knew the hamster's gaze
As one held in a druid's haze.

"Blast Maeve to her evil core!
I cannnot fight the one I swore
To see safe back to Morrigan.
Blast that wench and all her kin!"

When Bubba barrelled down the field,
Cuchulain, ne'er one to yield,
Was thrown a mile 'cross the ground
Where he lay without a sound.

A moment passed, but nothing more.
He stood up, but not before
His battle frenzy took its hold --
A sight that turned most men's blood cold!
One eye bulged like ripened fruit.
The other sank back to its root.
His mouth gaped wide from ear to ear,
And from his cry men died of fear.
On their ends stood every hair;
On every tip a blood drop there
Amidst the fountain, bloody red,
That sprang forth from a top his head.
And round his form was seen to blaze
A sunny halo's golden rays.
Inside his skin he spun around,
This one they call the Ulster Hound!

His head thus filled with battle lust
He cast his mighty spear, but dust
Was all it tasted in its deed
For it could not match Bubba's speed.

They fell upon each other then,
Bubba and great Cuchulain,
But niether gained the upper hand
For no one could have better planned
A match between a rival pair,
More equal in the skills they share!

Furious was the onslaught
As on and on the pair they fought
Across the kingdom far and wide
And ravaged Connaght's countryside.

Thus they fought through out the day
Without a winner either way.
They bruised and bit without respite
Until the onset of twilight.
Then the sun began to dip,
Its light the sea began to sip.
Purple reds began to blend.
Cuchulain's time was at an end.

Maeve believed that she had won,
Cheering on the setting sun,
But then the sun paused in the sky
Refusing yet to further die.

Now Cuchulain was human, true,
But only half as much as you.
His mother, mortal may have been
But she was not his only kin.
The one who'd done the fathering
Was Lugh the warrior sun-god king!

'Twas his command the sun obeyed
That on its path, its journey stayed
To give Cuchulain ample strength
To end his task what e'r the length.

Continuing their combat, grave,
Infuriated good queen Maeve.
"Druid! Cast another spell
To sound Cuchulain's last death nell,
And like that blasted Cooley cow,
I want to see him dead right now!"

The druid shook, the druid moaned.
His tongue an ancient chant intoned,
And where his fingers pointed West
Out of the waves there rose a crest.
It grew and once its growth was done
It well eclipsed the stubborn sun
Beyond the new horizon's blight
As other stars announced the night.

Lugh, the sun god, was not pleased!
Foolish was the man who teased
The gods, be he bard, druid, king --
His life is not worth any thing.

Before Cuchulain's form could fade,
Lugh a sweeping gesture made
Which caused in Bubba's golden fur
A miracle there to occur:
From every hair shown forth a ray
Which lit the earth like it was day.

So Bubba, now a tiny sun
Held the day from being done,
Then by the dawn of his own light
His mind began to be set right
And clear away the druid's haze
Which kept the hamster in its craze.

He looked around and shook his coat.
A growl escaped the hamster's throat,
For memories of all that day
And everything that came to play
Returned in full to Bubba's mind.
Justice now he'd seek to find!

Normally the plan would be
Retaliation against he
Whose acts had harmed you most of all
And see to it that he would fall.
But yon upon a river bank
He spied a woman, dark and lank,
Who washed the blood from druid clothes
And instantly the knowledge rose
Within him that fair punishment
Was well assured and permanent
Without what input he might dare
So Bubba turned his gaze elsewhere.

He saw Cuchulain far below
And knew that he was not his foe
And that he'd best alleviate
Cuchulain's battle-frenzied state.

The hamster-star became a streak,
And squeaked a blood-curdling squeak
As like a comet down from space
He fell full in Cuchulain's face.

The warrior reeled and staggered round,
Nearly falling to the ground.
What hit him, still he knew not what.
Then Bubba bit him in the butt.

The fever that could not be cooled
But by three vats of water pooled,
And sobered blush of sighting thence
Young maidens' naked innocence,
Was quelled and loosed its mighty grip
From but a single hamster nip!

Relieved that Bubba was not dead
Cuchulain pet his glowing head,
Then shot a glare the druid's way:
"For what he's done I'll make him pay!"

So far this bit of poetry
Has been aimed at the family,
So I won't delve into great detail
On spears' tendencies to impale.
Suffice to say, when it was through
Bubba's omen had proved true.

Maeve again had been disgraced.
She saw her kingdom laid to waste,
Returning to her crumbled throne
With no blame there besides her own.

Thus, justice returned to them,
Bubba's light began to dim,
But before his form could fade
Cuchulain voiced this accolade:

"King of rodents true thee are
Oh shining little hamster star
With strength to match the Ulster Hound
You and I are brothers bound
And all the realms of Tir Na Nog
Shall ring with songs of hamster-glow!"

From sight he then began to slip.
A rare half-smile on his lip.

Once his light no longer shown,
Bubba found himself alone
And watched the gath'ring of the stars
As he nursed his battle scars.

Then a voice spoke next to him
Where stood a woman, dark and grim,
Who, though her eyes were fire-light,
Was undistinguished from the night:
"Golden one with wings of black
I will guide your journey back."

Though Bubba's surprise did not show,
Where once she stood there was a crow
Who hopped along a-beckoning.
Together thus the two took wing
Through skies Bubba had never flown
Until he spied a land well known
Which stretched in welcome far below.
But when he turned to thank the crow
She was gone in to thin air
As if she never had been there.

Could this all be done so soon?
He shrugged and squeaked another tune.
Adventure'd come where e'r he'd roam,
But for the moment he was home.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Spring had bloomed and hearts were ripe
With Love's enchanted fruit
And so the air smelled sweeter to
Dear Bubba's little snoot.

All the day the birds did sing
And woodland creatures played.
Everything was peaceful here
In Nature's grand parade.

But then a sound caught Bubba's ear
Discordant with the rest
Which made his heart beat just a little
Faster in his chest.

And so to seek this trouble,
This commotion to resolve,
He quickly flew, his task to do
What e'er it may involve.

Onto the source he sped his flight,
He had not long to search.
Once there, unseen, he landed on
A nearby leafy perch.

There before him lay a fox,
As red as red could be.
Though Bubba saw no scars on him,
He whined incessantly.

"M'lady, dear Elizabeth,"
The fox cried like a whelp,
"I'm in great pain, as you can see,
And really need your help!"

"The peasant man misunderstood
To find me with his hens.
I only meant to socialize,
They are my oldest friends!"

"A sliver bit me in the tail
As I escaped the barn,
I barely left there with my life.
Please trust this is no yarn."

"And now the shard of wood digs deep;
I fear it's struck a vein.
Would you please, with your strong white teeth
Extract from me this pain?"

Then Bubba saw a nose peek from
A nearby shadowed hole,
And from the burrow lilt a voice
That chimed within his soul.

"Reynard," The voice sang sweetly,
"You conniving, crafty fox!
What makes you think I'll trust you?
Is my head made out of rocks?"

"Still," she sighed, "I see your pain.
Of that you do speak true.
I know I may regret this
But for now I shall aid you."

"But only if your nose stays far
From where your tail now lies.
And keep your teeth within your mouth.
And close those shifty eyes!"

This agreed, she ventured out
Into the morning sun.
Bubba 'bout fell off his branch -
The world around him spun.

He never thought he'd see his kind,
In Wyewood of all places.
She must have been a transplant
From the European races.

Still here she was -such lovliness
That played his fair heartstrings.
He barely saw her handicap
(She hadn't any wings).

She carefully crept to the tail
And working silently
Took the sliver twixt her teeth
And quickly yanked it free.

Reynard now had another thought
As pain began to pale.
Before the hamster loosed her grip
He flicked his mighty tail.

Elizabeth sailed through the air
Toward a toothy grin,
But what Reynard saw next began
To make his head to spin.

Another hamster did he spy
A wing-ed golden blur
Who caught the maiden in mid-air
Yet ruffled not his fur.

Once Bubba saw his love aloft
And safely out of reach,
He turned his gaze upon the fox,
A lesson for to teach.

"I only tossed her in great joy!"
Reynard began to plead,
"I wished to give a gracious kiss
To thank her for her deed!"

These pleas fell on deaf ears for then
The mighty hamster dove.
The battle which ensued shook up
The whole, entire grove.

But still Bubba was kind,
Excessive harm he could not bear.
Reynard escaped alive and with
One third of his red hair.

And when the fox was out of sight
Bubba returned to her
To find their feelings mutual.
The pair began to purr.

So here it's best to end this tale
And leave them on their own
To do what little hamsters do
When hamsters are alone.


(to the tune of "Folsom Prison Blues")

I see the hamsters comin'
They're flyin' through the sky
Some people seem to like them
I don't know why
I'm stuck in Wyewood Shire
My time here's just begun
I keep tryin' to tell them
Hamsters just ain't much fun.

The people all have hamsters
And the hamsters all have wings
I even saw a weevil
In cavalier things
I am a silly person
I love a laugh or two
But this shire's just plain crazy
I don't know what to do.

If they'd free me from this Shire
If I lived in Calontir
I'd move away from Wyewood
And out of AnTir
And away from silly people
Whose hamsters love to fly
If I have to stay much longer
I'll hang my head and cry.


(to the tune of "Rubber Duckie")

Golden hamster you're the one –
You make Wyewood so much fun.
Golden hamster I'm awfully fond of you!

Golden hamster on the wing
You just make me want to sing
Golden hamster I'm awfully fond of you!

Everyday when I forget to play and I worry
I find I am beholdin' a hamster golden and furry!
(My eyes get all blurry!)

Golden hamster you're the one –
You make Wyewood so much fun.

Golden hamster I'm awfully fond of...

Golden hamster I'm awfully fond of...

Golden hamster I'm awfully fond of you!

Monday, November 29, 2010


The day was bright as Bubba flew,
No cares upon his mind.
His only thought was adventure-
Whatever he may find.

His eyes were sharp, his ears perked,
And all his senses keen
As there above he scanned the Earth
And all the lands so green.

The sound of battle filled his ears,
A smile crossed his face.
He turned as from his tiny lungs
A hamster war-cry raced.

Gleefully he headed toward
The sound of sword and blade,
Then paused in flight to wonder at
The skirmish he surveyed.

The scene that he beheld was weird,
Even by Wyewood terms,
As a small clan of crows clashed with
A mighty band of worms.

A single roar from Bubba scattered
Crows like they were flies.
Those that looked were horror-struck
By Bubba's flaming eyes.

And when the glade was clear of birds
The hamster turned again
Upon those strangely garbed worms
Of unknown origin.

Over mail of chain each wore
A tabard, white and gold
Emblazoned upon which was a
Red spiral, bright and bold.

The leader worm began to speak
And then Bubba could tell
That these weren't normal worms at all
But snails without a shell.

In a sluggish voice the snail said,
"Thank you for your aid!
My noble sir would you consider
Joining our crusade?"

"Humble snails are we, dear sir,
Who've left our shells behind,
For in this vow of poverty
More treasure shall we find!"

"You see, the human's Lord hung high,
His blood caught by a grail.
A single drop splashed out and landed
On a passing snail."

"The heavens parted, angels sang,
Then came the hand of God
Descending from a cloud to bless
This lowly gastropod!"

"He traveled far and wide, this snail,
To teach the ways of love,
Ascending one fine morning into
Heaven up above."

"Nothing did he leave us here
Except his shell divine.
And that was stolen by a crow -
A heathen! For its shine!"

"So now you know what guides our quest
And leads us down these trails --
We seek the Relic of the One:
The Holy Snail of Snails!"

Beneath the hamster's smiling lips
There rose a purring sound.
He had sought adventure.
Now adventure he had found!

Joining forces, off they went.
Their progress was not slow,
With Bubba flying overhead -
Crusaders down below.

It wasn't long when Bubba saw
A strange, unearthly gleam
Reflecting from the bottom of
A bubbling woodland stream.

So there he rallied all the troops
And told them what he'd seen,
Then said that he'd investigate
To find what it might mean.

With that he dove into the brook
And headed for the light,
Just like a great and fuzzy bird
In his aquatic flight.

Once the bottom he had reached
His face lit with a grin
For there before him lay a shell
A-glowing from within.

At once he knew that this must be
The relic that he sought,
Where ancient beak of crow had dropped
And woodland stream had brought.

And so cautiously he reached out
And took the shell in paw,
Then turned to swim back up again
But balked at what he saw!

Overhead on shore some crows
Attacked the knighted snails!
Bubba's blood boiled in his veins!
He clenched his tiny nails.

The hamster in a might rush
Erupted from the stream!
Again the crows were scattered by
The sound of Bubba's scream!

But one crow, braver than the rest -
Or maybe more insane -
Saw what the hamster held in hand:
A bauble he must gain!

He spun around mid-flight and snatched
The magic, glowing shell.
Since Bubba loosened not his grip
He picked him up as well!

Into the sky, the pair, they flew -
A furry, feathered mass.
And thus through many moments did
This nasty brawling pass.

Neither one relinquished hold
Upon that precious shell,
'Til suddenly it heated up,
They dropped it and it fell!

The snails below watched in dismay
Afraid it would be smashed.
But then the sound of thunder boomed!
A bolt of lightening flashed!

The shell's decent abruptly ceased,
Then from its lucent curve
Emerged the head and antennae
Of Him whom all snails serve.

The crow remembered it could fly
And sped away post-haste.
The snails lay prostrate on the ground.
Bubba remained in place.

Love divine did glimmer in
That snail's antennaed eyes.
Then in a soft, angelic voice
He bid them all, "Arise!"

"Rewards are great for those whose faith
Does lead them long and well,
Thus for your trust your descendants
Will never need a shell."

"Now know ye well that I abide
In every one of you!
To help all to remember this
I'll tell you what I'll do!

"Upon you and your children
A fine blessing I bestow:
The silver essence of my shell
Shall follow where you go!"

"So when you see this sign you know
The answer to your prayer -
You needn't search for me at all
For I'm already there!"

He beamed a final smile at
The hamster and the snails
Then with a wink he vanished
As he bid them 'happy trails'.

That day they build a chapel there
And put their swords away.
Their people spread across An Tir
And live here to this day.

And still if followed far enough
A slug's long silver trail
Will lead you to that secret place:
The Chapel of the Snail!

As for Bubba, he returned
Back to the Wyewood sky
Prepared to answer once again
A new adventure's cry.